6 Tips for a Smooth Divorce Process

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Divorce Lawyer in Bloomington, IL

The majority of spouses going through divorce, want the process to go as smoothly as possible. It can be painful enough to be parting ways from someone you thought you would spend forever with. Unfortunately in some cases, one spouse wants to make things as difficult as they can for the other spouse. This may be because they did not actually want to get divorced in the first place, or are filled with heartache and resent. With guidance from a divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL at Pioletti & Pioletti and by following the tips listed here, the divorce may be able to proceed without any major road bumps.

#1 Be Forthcoming About Your Relationship

As difficult as it can be, talk openly about your relationship dynamic with your attorney. By revealing important details about your marriage, it can help your attorney prepare more thoroughly for your case. For example, if infidelity or financial problems were a factor in your marriage, it can have a larger impact on your case than you had originally thought.

#2 Do Not Try to Hide Your Financial Status

Concealing assets may be a natural response for those going through divorce, but it could end up being a huge mistake if you are caught. Your attorney can work to protect your assets, so that you have a future that is financially stable. If you do not reveal the entirety of your financial details to your attorney, he or she may go into battle for you without the proper ammunition.

#3 Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

The divorce process can be quite tricky and confusing. So it is very normal for a spouse to have plenty of questions about what is to come. By asking your attorney questions, it can help you feel more confident as you attend mediation or go to court over divorce disputes. Your attorney is likely to be way more surprised if you have no questions at all, versus having a list of things you are unsure about.

#4 Be Organized

The more paperwork you have related to your divorce, the easier your attorney’s job can be. If you have a file organized of documents useful to your divorce already gathered, it can save you time and money in legal fees.

#5 Approach the Process with a Logical Mind

Divorce can stir up a whirlwind of very intense and painful feelings. It can be challenging to remain cool, calm and collected as your other spouse tries to get everything they can out of you along the way. When your emotions are spiraling out of control, it can impair your ability to approach disputes and court hearings logically. You may want to get back at your spouse for the pain they caused you, but it is crucial that you remain logical for yourself, your future and any shared children you have together.

#6 Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for What You Want

Divorce can be so grueling and prolonged, that eventually a spouse may want to just give up and let the other person have whatever they want. While this can take the pressure off for the moment, you may regret this later. Your future is about you and what you want, so do not be afraid to fight for it.

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