Dangers of Summer Driving

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Although there may not be ice or snow on the roads, summer driving can be very dangerous. Over five thousand Americans die in car accidents each summer. During holidays like the 4th of July and Easter, many more individuals are out driving on the roads. These individuals could be on their way to see family or friends and may be driving above the speed limit to get there in a faster manner. Sadly, this is a big cause of car accidents in the summer months. In order to help reduce the chances of being in a car accident over the summer, try and drive as early in the morning as you can during major holidays. With school no longer in session, there are many more adolescent drivers behind the wheel.

Teen drivers are typically very inexperienced and have a way higher likelihood of being distracted while they are driving. Teen drivers have the tendency to text and talk on the phone instead of putting their full attention on the road.There is an increased likelihood of teenagers drinking and driving during the summer months as well. Drinking recklessly at such a young age impairs judgement and increases risk for an accident to occur. It is important to use defensive driving in the summer, especially during the weekend and at night. The sun can create a glare while you are driving in the day time, so be sure to wear sunglasses and a hat, especially an hour before sunrise when sun glare is at its worst. Traffic being very heavy and dense is also common the summer and can lead to an increase in accidents. When individuals are stuck in the middle of traffic and are bored in bumper to bumper movement, they may rear end the person in front of them because they did not realize that the car has stopped in time. Rear end accidents are actually one of the most common accidents in the summer time, second behind drunk

Contact an Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident over the summer, you may want to seriously consider reaching out to a personal injury attorney such as the Car Accident Lawyer DC locals turn to. They will be able to help you bring about a lawsuit and fight for compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages, along with any vehicle repairs or other damages caused to your property. Many personal injury lawyers will only charge you if you win your case, so there is no harm in trying to fight it.


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