Getting Orthodontic Help After a Motorcycle Accident

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Any kind of road accident is dangerous, but especially if you are riding on a motorcycle, there are all forms of dangers that may be there that you would not necessarily think about in a car. Motorcyclists are much more exposed to the elements than those in a car, and thus can sustain more serious damage. One of the biggest types of damage that a motorcyclist can sustain is dental damage. Even if you are wearing a helmet during the time of impact, it may not help and may not prevent injuries from happening to your jaw or teeth. Although it may seem like other injuries are more serious because they are obvious—road rash, burns, broken and fractured limbs—dental injuries can be exceptionally painful and can also cause facial disfigurement. If you have been in a car accident and sustained dental injuries, reach out to an orthodontist today for help.

What kinds of dental injuries can you get after a motorcycle accident?

Dental injuries after motorcycle accidents are very serious. Unlike a typical fracture or broken bone you might get after this type of accident, your teeth cannot “just heal” with the help of a cast or metal screws. Unfortunately, oral treatment like this is very costly, and it may require multiple surgeries or even plastic or reconstructive surgery. There are many common types of injuries someone can sustain after their motorcycle accident, including:

  • Root Fractures. This is a deep fracture at the tooth’s pulp. Your orthodontist may need to reposition your tooth and stabilize it with splints.
  • Cracked or Chipped Teeth. More minor dental injuries like a cracked tooth or a chipped tooth can be quite costly as well, and your orthodontist may need to install porcelain veneers. For more serious cracks, your orthodontist may need to add dental crowns.
  • Dislodged Tooth. If you have any dislodged teeth—they may be twisted to the side or partially out of their sockets—your orthodontist can help to stabilize them and put them back in place.
  • Broken Jawbone. Your orthodontist may need to work on a treatment plan with your doctor regarding jaw surgery if your jawbone is broken and what kinds of wiring treatment you may need after surgery.

Can I seek compensation for my dental injuries?

Many people who suffer from dental injuries after getting into motorcycle accidents do not necessarily think of this treatment when it comes to compensation. It is common for people to get compensation for property damage to their bike or personal injury damage to other areas of their body, but it is important that you gather evidence to submit for compensation regarding your orthodontic treatments. When you see your orthodontist, make sure you tell them exactly what happened and have them document in detail what procedures need to take place for your healing and what medications you will need.

If you have recently been the victim in a motorcycle accident and need cosmetic dentistry, as a result, reach out to an orthodontist now to get the help you need for your injuries and for your compensation.


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