How Do I Stop Garnishments?

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Are your wages being garnished in Illinois? Are you having a difficult time paying your rent, mortgage or car payment because a creditor is garnishing your wages? If so, there is something that you can do to stop garnishments. You do not need to struggle to pay your living expenses and provide for your family because of a garnishment. Call Pioletti & Pioletti to learn how you can stop garnishments right now to protect your income for you and for your family.

What are Your Options to Stop Garnishments?

If you owe a creditor, that creditor may be able to garnish up to 15% of your gross wages in Illinois by obtaining an order from the court. For example, if your gross wages are $2,200 per month, the creditor will receive $330 each month. This deduction would drastically decrease your take home pay making it very difficult to pay your bills. There are some exceptions to this general rule; however, you do not want to find out too late that you do not fit into one of the few exceptions that limit creditors from garnishing wages.

You do not have very many choices to stop garnishments other than paying the debt in full or quitting your job. In most cases, neither of these options are acceptable ways to stop garnishments. Some individuals try to work with the creditor to negotiate an alternative payment agreement; however, creditors very rarely accept a repayment plan because they are receiving more money from garnishing wages than they would if you were to pay them directly.

If you cannot make ends meet with a wage garnishment, you can file a bankruptcy to stop garnishments permanently.

Filing Bankruptcy to Stop Garnishments

Filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately stop garnishments. The automatic stay provisions of the Bankruptcy Code prohibit creditors from continuing to collect debts after a bankruptcy case has been filed. Therefore, by filing a bankruptcy, you stop garnishments immediately and discharge the debt permanently. Bankruptcy is an effective way to stop garnishments so that you can provide for yourself and your family without fear of a creditor taking your hard-earned income.

Bankruptcy is designed to give individuals a fresh start so that they can begin to rebuild their life after a financial crisis. Regardless of the reason why you are unable to pay your bills, bankruptcy gives you the relief you need from overwhelming debt.

Stop Garnishments Today!

Your overtime pay and bonuses can also be garnished. Do not let garnishments ruin your finances. In most cases, we can file a bankruptcy very quickly in order to stop garnishments from taking any more of your income. Wage garnishments do not prevent the creditor from continuing to try to collect the full amount of the debt. This includes obtaining a lien on your home or property. Filing bankruptcy will stop garnishments as well as prevent ALL other collection attempts. Get rid of this debt once and for all by contacting our office today to discuss your bankruptcy options.

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