Making the Most of Couples Counseling

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Couples who have been together for a while often go through challenging periods during which their relationship experiences difficulty and may even consider divorce. At these times, either or both partners may wonder if they want to continue the relationship. Whether they are married or not, couples counseling can be an effective approach for working through the problems that threaten the relationship. Therapists offer couples counseling Palatine, IL trusts for those who might benefit from working through their issues rather than ending the relationship without trying to save it. If you would like to know more, give us a call.


Suggestions for How to Maximize the Benefits of Couples Counseling


Prior to beginning couples counseling, you and your partner might benefit from considering several suggestions about how to gain the most value from your sessions. After all, you will be investing your time, effort, emotions, and money in counseling with the goal of healing your relationship. You have a lot at stake, and so it makes sense to do everything possible to give the counseling sessions the best chance to succeed.


  1.       Commit yourself to the couples counseling. Many people ask our therapists how many couples counseling sessions will be necessary for them to work through their issues. The answer is that it depends on the severity of the issues. It also depends on how committed the two partners are to working through those issues. Some couples only need a few sessions, while others find that ongoing sessions work best for them. Also understand that couples counseling does not work for everyone, especially if one or both individuals is not committed to the process.
  2.       Allow yourself to be vulnerable. This can be incredibly difficult if the relationship has stuttered and there are trust issues. Sometimes, while couples might open up during the couples counseling sessions, they might be punished for it when they are home and the counselor is not present. It may be necessary to set emotional boundaries and establish guidelines about how you will treat each other during and after meeting with the therapist. In fact, your therapist can help you and partner do this if it would be helpful to have an objective perspective from a counseling professional.
  3.       Be prepared to make changes in your behavior and approach. Rarely in a relationship are all the issues because of only one of the two partners. With an open mind and a willingness to change destructive patterns as well as be loving and accepting of your other half, you may find that couples counseling can make all the difference in your relationship.
  4.       Forgive and remember. If you or your partner hold onto the anger and frustration that you’ve been experience, it will likely turn into destructive resentment. If your partner is willing to make an honest effort to support the relationship by working on the issues you’re facing as a couple, it’s important to support them in return. In forgiving them and remembering why you fell in love with them in the first place, you may be able to return to that loving place in your hearts.


Thank you to our friends and contributors at the Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into couples counseling and how to make the most of it.