What you Need to Know When Facing a Divorce


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Have you and your spouse decided on a divorce? The legal team at Pioletti & Pioletti understand how difficult this decision can be. We have many years of experience handling the intricacies of the divorce process and recognize that it can be an emotional rollercoaster regardless of how amicable the situation may be.  In having an experienced divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL guide you through the process, you will be better prepared both emotionally and legally for the divorce process. Pioletti & Pioletti can assist you beginning with the petition process through child custody schedules and child support specifics.


Some things to consider in moving forward with your divorce:

Divorce Petition- This is really the first step in any divorce and either party can file the petition. It should include grounds for the divorce. Different states and jurisdictions may allow for different grounds, an experienced Bloomington, IL divorce lawyer can help you guide you on which grounds are more appropriate for your situation. Once the petition is filed and delivered to the other party, he or she must respond within a certain time-frame.  

Property and Debt Distribution- It is necessary to decide who will be given ownership over the various pieces of property that are considered a part of the marriage. This may include vehicles, houses and elements within the home (including furniture and art). Debt should also be considered so that neither party is left with the burden of paying off that which was accrued during the marriage.

Child Custody- Ideally you want to come up with a schedule that has the child or children in mind. An experienced Bloomington, IL divorce lawyer can assist in this process.

Child Support- There are many expenses that should be considered when determining the monetary value of child support. There are daily expenses such as food, clothing, school activities, sports and other recreational activities that cost money. There is also health and medical costs that should be considered in child support responsibilities.

How you can prepare for the divorce process:

Divorce Petition- You and your spouse should first decide who will file for divorce and on what grounds. You may file on your own without a discussion or if you have received divorce papers, you should respond right away as there is usually a deadline.  

Property and Debt- Make a list of all property that is mutual and property that you feel is yours. A list of any debt will be helpful to the divorce process so that it can be distributed appropriately.

Child Custody- With the children’s best interest in mind, create your desired custody schedule including holidays.

Child Support- A list of any expenses associated with the children can be helpful. Remember to consider day to day needs and the bigger expenses such as healthcare (wellness visits, illness visits, medications, etc.)

The dissolution of a marriage can be a very complicated matter, there are practical and emotional considerations. There is often disagreement with ownership of property and debt. Decisions related to child custody very often require compromise and tolerance for the other person’s requests. Making the decision to divorce is the first step in a situation that requires tact and experience. A divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL from Pioletti & Pioletti can help you through the process. We will have your best interests in mind and will advise you on all options throughout this difficult time. Contact our divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL for a consultation, today.


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