Tips for Avoiding Family Fights When Someone Dies

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When someone passes away, tensions can quickly arise within a family. Having an estate plan in place can certainly mitigate some of the conflict. Emotions can be raw when someone you love passes away. Family will be doing all that they can to preserve their loved ones memory. As a result, family may vie for their loved ones most personal things. Unfortunately, this can cause serious conflict within a family, especially when there is a disagreement over a loved one’s will. Here are some tips for easing some of the discord you may have to face:

Tip #1: Be Flexible Regarding Funeral Arrangements

Most of the time, a will includes a person’s funeral and burial arrangements. It’s important for family to carefully follow this, even if they don’t necessarily agree. Despite this, family may have their own ideas of how the funeral should be managed. Incorporating the ideas of family members doesn’t have to be off limits. In fact, it’s important to include everyone’s perspective. There is no hard and fast rule surrounding how loved ones say goodbye. If family members have different ideas for the funeral, try to incorporate as many perspectives as possible.

Tip #2: Compromise with One Another

Whether you are busy sorting through your loved ones belongings, or working with family to resolve their affairs, compromise is key. Everyone will come to the table with different bottom lines when it comes to the passing of a loved one. Be ready and willing to work with your loved ones. You won’t always walk away with exactly what you were hoping for in the end.

Tip #3: Take the Will Seriously

Your loved one should have outlined their wishes clearly in their will. Chances are they put a lot of thought into how they would like their affairs managed after their passing. Do not do a disservice to your loved one by going against their final wishes.

Tip #4: Be Ready to Let Go

Not only will you have to say goodbye to someone you held dear, you may also have to say goodbye to sentimental items. Perhaps one of the most difficult things for people to say goodbye to is, their family home. This can be a great point of tension amongst family, especially adult siblings. Be willing to listen to all viewpoints. If you are struggling with the decisions being made, it may be a good idea to seek support from a therapist.

Tip #5: Seek the Services of a Grief Counselor

Grief can be a long process. For some, seeking the services of a grief counselor can be a helpful option. A therapist will give you an unbiased perspective and a safe place to openly process the emotions surrounding your grief.

Having a will in place can help reduce the likelihood that family will fight over affairs. The more detailed you can be the easier it will be for your loved ones to navigate the resolution of your estate. The last thing family should have to deal with are fighting over assets that could have been sorted out for them. Contact a Sacramento estate planning lawyer so that you can begin drafting your will.



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